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How to Get Someone to Go to Rehab the Right Way

Rehab programs are all different, but no matter what treatment center you choose, most require you to leave your medications behind. If you have concerns about prescription medication or OTC medication you usually use, speak to someone from the alcohol or drug rehab facility in advance. It’s easy for your loved one’s battle with addiction…Read More→

Intoxication: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment

The stages of intoxication differ from person to person because they’re based on age, sex, weight, and other factors. Although different resources will vary, most will tell us that there are six to seven stages of intoxication experienced by most people. These stages progress based on Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), so people progress through them…Read More→

Kyle Richards Reveals How Getting Sober Affected Her Marriage Problems

Now, there’s no more forgotten memories or over compassing worry for what may have happened. When you’re overcome by an addiction, it’s almost impossible to maintain healthy https://rp-universe.ru/dc/superman-2011/ relationships with those around you. When you stop drinking, you’ll notice just how many aspects of your physical appearance appear brighter and more healthy. For many, this…Read More→

Emergent Treatment of Alcoholic Ketoacidosis: Overview, Prehospital Care, Emergency Department Care

Toxicity from methanol or ethylene glycol is an important differential diagnosis. Toxic metabolites of both substances result in severe metabolic acidosis with wide anion gap and wide osmolal gap.18 Neither, however, causes ketosis. Both cause abdominal pain, with marked central alcoholic ketoacidosis smell nervous system depression, but methanol toxicity results in visual impairment, while ethylene…Read More→