Avoid costly real estate commissions!

About nocomish.com

I became a real estate broker more than 30 years ago, soon after buying our first home because of my wife’s confident urging. I was filled with so much anxiety over the whole process – could we handle the payment, such a long debt commitment, would we pay too much, etc. however, buying was the best decision of our young life.

There wasn’t much information back then to help and the whole system was tightly controlled by seemingly “secret pitfalls.” Today’s market is overflowing with great information to help you make good decisions: property appraisals the lender uses to protect their loan keeps the price accurate, modern contracts are easy to use and full of buyer/seller protections.

There is no good reason for buyers/sellers to pay huge commissions for outdated hand holding. nocomish.com, hopefully will at least break-even when helping you through the process – but, making money is not what we are about.